Screenshots - Draytek - Vigor2800vg (Draytek Firmware)

Draytek - Vigor2800vg (Draytek Firmware)

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Some screenshots have small distortions that were used to blur out personal info such as IP addresses and usernames.
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System Status

Online Status

Internet Access - PPPoE/PPPoA

LAN - General Setup

NAT - Configure Port Redirection Table

NAT - DMZ Host Setup

Wireless LAN - Access Control

Wireless LAN- WDS Settings

Wireless LAN - Access Point Discovery

Wireless LAN - Station List

Wireless LAN - Station Rate Control

VLAN - Wired VLAN Configuration

NAT - Open Ports Setup

VLAN - Wireless VLAN Setup

VLAN - VLAN Cross Setup

VLAN - Wired Rate Control

VLAN - Wireless VLAN Rate Control

System Maintenance - Administrator Password Setup

System Maintenance - Configuration Backup

System Maintenance - SysLog/Mail Alert Setup

System Maintenance - Time and Date

System Maintenance- Management

Firewall - General Setup

System Maintenance - Reboot System

System Maintenance - Firmware Upgrade

Diagnostics - WAN Connection

Diagnostics - Dial-out Trigger

Diagnostics - View Routing Table

Diagnostics - View ARP Cache Table

Diagnostics - View DHCP Assigned IP Addresses

Diagnostics - NAT Sessions Table

Diagnostics - BIN Status

Diagnostics - Wireless VLAN Online Station

Firewall - Filter Setup

Diagnostics - Data Flow Monitor

Diagnostics - Traffic Graph

Diagnostics - Ping Diagnosis

Diagnostics - Trace Route

Quick Start Wizard

Quick Start Wizard

Quick Start Wizard

Firewall - Filter Setup - Edit Filter Set

Firewall - IM Blocking Setup

Firewall - P2P Blocking Setup

Firewall - DoS defense Setup

Firewall - URL Content Filter

Firewall - Web Content Filter Setup

Bandwidth Management - Sessions Limit

Bandwidth Management - QoS

Applications - DDNS Setup

Applications - Schedule

Applications - RADIUS

Applications - UPnP

Applications - Wake on LAN

VPN and Remote Access - Remote Access Control Setup

VPN and Remote Access - PPP General Setup

VPN and Remote Access - IPSec General Setup

VPN and Remote Access - IPSec Peer Identity

VPN and Remote Access - Remote Dial-in User

VPN and Remote Access - Connection Management

Certificate Management - Local Certificate

Certificate Management - Trusted CA Certificate

VoIP - DialPlan Setup

VoIP - DialPlan Setup

VoIP - DialPlan Setup

VoIP - SIP Accounts

VoIP - Phone Settings

VoIP - Status

Wireless LAN - Security Settings