Basic Information

This page is meant to provide definitions and answers to what some of the common networking and internet terms are with routers & modems.

Instead of simply rewriting or copying the information from other pages I have provided direct links to Wikipedia pages with all the detailed information on what your looking for.

Makes for some good reading for us geeks :-)

Simply click on any term below and a new window will open and load the Wikipedia page for that term.


Internet Protocol -

IP Address -

Subnet -

Default Gateway -



Local Area Network (LAN) -

Gigabit Ethernet -

Wireless Lan -

Wi-Fi -

Wireless Security -

Port Forwarding -

Port Triggering -

TCP & UDP Ports -

Routers -

Modem -

Cable Modem -

DSL Modem -

Verizon FiOS -

IP Multimedia Subsystem -