Screenshots - Draytek - Vigor2600vg (Draytek Firmware)

Draytek - Vigor2600vg (Draytek Firmware)

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Some screenshots have small distortions that were used to blur out personal info such as IP addresses and usernames.
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Internet Access Setup


MPoA Mode

Multi-PVCs Setup

Online Status

VPN Connection Management

Firewall Setup

General Setup

MAC Address Control

IM Blocking Setup

Syslog Access Setup

P2P Blocking Setup

DoS Defense Setup

Content Filter Setup

Edit Filter Set 1

Edit Filter Rule

Time Setup

VPN and Remote Access Setup

Remote Access Control Setup

PPP General Setup

IPSec General Setup

Remote User Profile Setup Accounts

Remote User Profile Setup

Management Setup

LAN-to-LAN Profiles Setup

Profile Index 1

UPNP Setup

VOIP Setup

DialPlan Setup

Index No. 1

Diagnostic Tools


Volume Gain

Tone Settings

VOIP Connection Status

PPPoE/PPPoA Diagnostics

VLAN Configuration

QoS Control Setup

Online Statistics

Dial-out Triggered Packet Header

Current Running Routing Table

Ethernet ARP Cache Table

DHCP IP Assignment Table

NAT Port Table

NAT Active Sessions Table

BIN Status

Administrator Password Setup

Ethernet TCP/IP and DHCP Setup

2nd DHCP Server

Wireless LAN Information

General Settings

Security Settings

Access Control

Station List

Dynamic DNS Setup

Call Schedule Setup

Index No. 1

NAT Setup

Port Redirection

DMZ Host Setup

Open Ports Setup

Port Redirection



Static Route Setup

Index No. 1