Screenshots - Draytek - Vigor2130 (Draytek Firmware)

Draytek - Vigor2130 (Draytek Firmware)

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Some screenshots have small distortions that were used to blur out personal info such as IP addresses and usernames.
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System Status

Online Status

WAN - Internet Access

LAN - Ports


System Status


System Password

Configuration Backup

Syslog/Mail Alert Setup

Time and Date

WAN - Ports

LAN - MAC Address Table

Remote Management

Firmware Upgrade

Diagnostics - Ping

Diagnostics - Routing Table

Diagnostics - System Log

Diagnostics - Traffic Overview

Diagnostics - Detailed Statistics

Diagnostics - MAC Address Table

LAN - Monitor Port

IGMP Snooping

Diagnostics - DHCP Table

Diagnostics - Data Flow Monitor

Port State Overview

LAN - Static Route

LAN - Bind IP to MAC

Hardware NAT

NAT - Open Port

NAT - Open Port - Add Entry

NAT - DMZ Host

Firewall - DoS Defense

Applications - IGMP Status

Firewall - Ports Config

Firewall - Access Control List

Firewall - Access Control List - ACE

Firewall - Access Control List

Session Limit

Bandwidth Limit

Port Rate Control

QoS Control List

Ports Priority

QoS Statistics

UPnP Config

Dynamic DNS


Add Schedule

Schedule Config

Wake on LAN

Remote Access Control Setup


User Configuration

Remote Dial-in Setup

Remote Dial-in Status


3G Backup


General Setting

Access Control

Station List

Access Point Discovery

LAN - General Setup

USB General Settings

FTP User Management

Disk Shares

WAN General Setup

LAN General Setup

IPv6 Firewall

IPv6 Routing Table

IPv6 Neighbour

IPv6 TSPC Status