Screenshots - Ambit - U10C022 (Ambit Firmware)

Ambit - U10C022 (Ambit Firmware)

Screenshot Database

Some screenshots have small distortions that were used to blur out personal info such as IP addresses and usernames.
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Login - Cable Modem Info

Cable Modem

Cable Modem - Info

Cable Modem - Status

Cable Modem - Downstream

Cable Modem - Upstream

Cable Modem - Upstream Burst

Cable Modem - Operation Config

Cable Modem - Event Log

Cable Modem - Battery Info

Basic Gateway Setup

Gateway - Info

Gateway - Basic Setup

Gateway - DHCP

Gateway - DHCP Static Lease

Gateway - Time

Advanced Gateway - Options

Advanced Gateway - MAC Filtering

Advanced Gateway - IP Filtering

Advanced Gateway - Port Filtering

Advanced Gateway - Forwading

Advanced Gateway - Port Triggering

Advanced Gateway - Pass Through

Advanced Gateway - DMZ Host


Wireless - Basic

Wireless - Privacy

Wireless - Access Control

Wireless - Advanced

Wireless - Guest Network


VPN - Enable

VPN - Summary

VPN - Configure

VPN - Event Log

RIP - Setup

Routed Subnet Setup


Routing - Static Route Setup

Parental Control

Parental Control - User Setup

Parental Control - Activation

Parental Control - Time Access Policy

Parental Control - Event Log


Firewall - Content Filter

Firewall - Event Log

Firewall - Remote Event Log


Tools - Ping

Tools - Trace Route

Tools - Client List

Tools - Port Config

Tools - UI Authentication

Tools - Password

Tools - Factory Defaults

Tools - Operation Mode