IP/DNS Tricks & Fixes

Fix 1:
Ever been in windows and you tried to browse to a network share or load a web site and it stops working?
This can happen allot with windows as its dns cache can become corrupted. This easy fix will clear it out and get you going without having to reboot.

Open a command prompt window or open the run command. Then simply put in "ipconfig /flushdns" without the " of course. This will tell windows to flush its dns cache. You will notice network shares, web sites, and other things network related will start working again.

Fix 2:
Your computer has retrieved its ip address from a DHCP, say a router or such, but when you change your connection
(in my case I changed the ip of my router) windows can no longer get an ip address unless you reboot. This is because windows is trying to get its ip from the last ip of the dhcp it retrieved it from before. In order to have windows get a new ip from a available DHCP server you have to clear out the one you currently have.

Open a command prompt window or the run command and type "ipconfig /release & ipconfig /renew" on one line in the command window without the " to do both release and renew in one hit. Windows will release and forget the last ip info you had including the DHCP server and the look for a new one. No more having to reboot.

Trick 1:
Ever had a need to change your internet ip address? Say someone is trying to hack you or you got banned by your ip on a game. Well if your ISP doesn't give you a static ip (most don't unless you pay more) then this trick will be easy and fast.

How a router or cable modem gives an ip address based on a mac address (a address for your network card). In windows (if you don't use a router) and most routers have a way to let you specify what the mac address should be.
Example would be say I have a cable modem connected to my router, I login to my router and change my mac address to something else (changing it by one letter works). I then reset my modem (as most isp's only give out one ip address, so you need to power cycle it to have it forget the last mac address it gave it to) and once all comes back up I have a new ip. It may sound difficult but once you do it you will see how easy and fast it can be to change your ip.

Trick 2:
Use a different DNS. Some of you may have noticed your isp (like charter) injecting ads and other thins into web pages. This is because you are using there dns. (DNS is a way for your system to say ok what's the address for google.com so I know where to go) Well there is a free alterative to using you ISP's DNS and that's http://www.opendns.com/

Follow there instructions and your good to go. I don't like the idea of my isp monitoring where I go and do through there dns so they can inject ads, no thx!

If you have any more info to add to this how to please contact me and let me know!